Blandine was born in Lille, France. She has got both the French and Dutch nationalities. She’s living and working in the Netherlands as a photographer and painter since 1996. As a painter, she has developed a new technique of painting with wine she calls “Vinorel”.
Blandine: “The brown, plum, purple and red colours of the different wines I use, allows me to create mysterious moods. The vinorels have the property to mature with time, like wine. Vinorel is a living art, maturing with time! The colours of the vinorels will slowely change and become more sepia and warm brown. The contrast stays unaffected.” Blandine prepares the wines before painting. She cooks them and adds chemicals to keep them stable. Her work hovers between reality and dream and is inspired by her own personal life. She combines her French roots with her Dutch lifestyle. Her vinorels are made from French and Dutch wines. Blandine works with vineyards in her region and with a French wine association (Chateaux Monuments Vignobles) that represents most prestigious wines.

Blandine studied at the University of Lille and the Design Academy of Roubaix, France. She has been working as a designer, product developer, trendanalyst and stylist for various wallpaper en textile firms for more than ten years. She passed succesfully her exams as an art teacher in 2006 at the Art Academy of Tilburg (ABV Fontys). She has been teaching at Sint Joost Art Academy (Breda) and Sint Lucas (Boxtel). She is giving Vinorel workshops and works as a free artist and in commission.

Vinorel: de living colours of wine

Wine is the fruit of mother earth and human work. Its history is linked with parties and religions and represents an important symbolic value. It is a noble material, both fascinating to drink and to paint with. Each wine has its own colour depending on the kind of grape, region, ground, sun and vinification. This colour is changing with the time. The wine continues to mature on the paper or canvas. After about five years the wine has obtained a warm brown colour. In order to avoid that the wine disappears completely Blandine adds preservatives and applies a varnish.
She uses symbols and metaphores in her vinorels. She lets room for mystery, so everyone can use his own imagination. The relationship between nature and human beings plays a central role in her work.

The vinorels in this portfolio are on sale. If you are interested, send me a mail: blandineicp@hotmail.com
It is a nice gift for wine and art lovers.

I give workshops voor starters en confirmed painters. Have a look in the category ” workshops” for current offer. On demand I will come to your club or event to give a demo or a workshop. Painting with wine is a funny and unusual activity for a birthday party or a meeting. It can be combined with wine tasting.

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