special gifts

Vinorel is a special gift for a wine lover. Make it more special en let me make a vinorel with your friend painted on the vinorel in a place which means a lot for him/her. I can also paint a vinorel with his/her favorite wine.
Here you can have a look of some vinorels I have made on commission:

This is a gift for a man who has gone to Santiago de Compostella from the Netherlands on bicycle. I have painted some churches, vineyards of Bordeaux, Pyrenees mountains that he has seen during his travel. All the wine I have used is coming from the regions he has visited during his pelgrimage.





Children playing in Gilze. I have made this vinorel on commission for a family birthday. It represents the 2 sons on bicycle and scooter. At the background you can see the church and landscape of Gilze, Ducth village in Brabant.






For a Paris and wine lover! Painted with a Saint Emilion, off course…

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