The story of Ledenaert, Leonard in French, painted with French and Dutch wines. You can see this vinorel (painting with wine) in the Ledevaert church in Chaam (near Breda, the Netherlands). On the church’s bell you can read ” Ledevaert” . According recent research it was a mistake, you must read ” Ledenaert” who refers to Saint Leonard, a holly man who lived in France in the Middel Ages. Saint Leonard was known to have delivered prisoners and helped women to give birth. In Saint Leonard de Noblat (France) you can find his abdey and in Chaam a church wears his name.  This vinorel and other ones are exposed in the summer 2013 in the Ledevaert church and Sint Antonius church in Chaam for ” rondje open kerk”. More details on: http://www.rondjeopenkerk.nl   and http://www.ledevaertkerk.nl


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